Under the GEMS Act a product that uses energy or affects the amount of energy used by another product and is in a product class covered by a GEMS determination is known as a GEMS product. GEMS (Greenhouse and Energy Mininum Standards) products can only be supplied or offered for supply, or used for a commercial purpose, if:

  • the model of the product is registered under the GEMS Act against the relevant determination; and
  • the product complies with the determination; and
  • the supply, offer, or use complies with the determination.

GEMS Regulator
The GEMS Regulator is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the GEMS Act.

GEMS inspectors
GEMS inspectors assist the GEMS Regulator to monitor and enforce compliance using inspection, monitoring, and investigation powers provided by the GEMS Act. GEMS inspectors may also be assisted by other persons to exercise powers or perform functions under the Act.

Compliance Objective
The GEMS Regulator’s compliance objective is to maximise the number of responsible parties (individuals or organisations having obligations under the GEMS Act and who may be held liable for a contravention) who choose to voluntarily comply with the Act, whilst implementing strategies and responses to identify, and then deter, non-compliance.

Compliance Approach
The GEMS Regulator is committed to:

  • assisting responsible parties to understand the requirements of the GEMS Act;
  • monitoring responsible parties’ compliance with the requirements; and,
  • actively pursuing those who opportunistically or deliberately contravene the Act.

Compliance Policy
The GEMS Compliance Policy (DOC) outlines the principles adopted by the GEMS Regulator to maximise compliance with the GEMS Act.

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