Air-conditioning Heat Load Calculations

Air-conditioning Heat Load Calculations can be very complex due to the numerous factors that may need to be considered, such as the technology being used, geographic location, building materials and orientation, number of occupants, quality of insulation and types of activities being undertaken etc.

It is important that the final solution is based on the correct technology and capacity as both under and over capacity selection or incorrect type of unit may result in unnecessary additional operational, maintenance or purchase costs. An under capacity design selection will not meet the heating or cooling requirements of the building or the expectations of the user and may result in increased running costs due to continual overload. Conversely an over capacity system may not meet the expected design conditions and will lead to unnecesary capital expenditure.

AREMA recommends that any purchaser of air conditioning equipment consider consulting an industry professional to ensure optimal selection and application to your particular requirements.

Listed below are links to a number of calculators and guidelines that may provide a solution in less complex situations, or in more complex situations can provide a quick assessment for initial planning purposes.