Using hydrocarbon refrigerants

Using hydrocarbon refrigerants as drop-in replacements for stationary refrigeration and air-conditioning applications

AREMA (Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association of Australia Inc):

Recognises that equipment manufacturers choose refrigerants as part of overall equipment design. We further understand that they need to balance a broad range of issues, including: performance, energy efficiency, safety, longevity of equipment, ease of use, cost, environmental characteristics and other attributes when they select refrigerants.

Notes that there are both safety and environmental risks associated with the use of highly flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment that is not specifically designed for their use.

Acknowledges that the use of these refrigerants as drop-in replacement is prohibited because of safety concerns across much of the globe.

Understands that there have been incidents leading to injury and death as a result of the use of hydrocarbon refrigerant used in stationary equipment not designed for it.

Further acknowledges that there is no approved, or safe, means for a mixture of a hydrocarbon refrigerant with other refrigerants to be removed from equipment. This leads to increased and unnecessary emissions of potent global warming gases.

Encourages the service industry to consider the above facts and to not use hydrocarbons in any refrigeration or air conditioning system not specifically designed for it or where its use is not approved by the manufacturer.

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