Established in 1967, AREMA (the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturers Association of Australia) represents the interests of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment manufacturers active in the Australian market. We work with government and industry on policy formulation and regulation to achieve the best outcomes for our members and the wider community.

Our aim is to:

  • Help reduce the environmental footprint of air conditioning and refrigeration in Australia
  • Encourage members to design and manufacture energy efficient equipment
  • Encourage our members to deliver real energy savings to consumers
  • Reduce ozone depleting substances (ODS) and greenhouse gases in a safe and controlled manner
  • Work closely with government to ensure the safe implementation of standards that will benefit end users and product designers
  • Work with other local and global associations to ensure we adopt world’s best practice
  • Provide a unified voice for representation to government and industry on key issues
  • Represent the air conditioning and refrigeration industry on key standards committees and, where possible, assist members to interpret these standards.

Member benefits

AREMA provides a forum where members can explore and discuss common issues and develop a unified industry view. This has proved vital when making representations to government on issues such as the carbon tax, the introduction of new refrigerants, changes to the Ozone Act and other legislative changes.

Our knowledge of market dynamics and technical expertise is highly regarded by State and Federal governments, who seek our assistance with developments impacting our industry. They have demonstrated a clear preference to work with industry associations (rather than individual companies) on key issues of policy and regulation.

AREMA’s primary focus is working with government to help ensure Australia adopts world’s best practice standards and regulations that maximise benefits to our industry and to the end user. We offer our members the opportunity to be directly involved in negotiations with government on policy formulation and industry standards regulation.

Members can also join Standards Australia sub-committees (as an AREMA representative) and help develop the standards that regulate our industry.

AREMA provides our members with a voice and the ability play a real role in the future of the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry in Australia.

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